Primarily Humans but ruled by an elite council of Devas, the theist are a religious council of all the “good” gods of the current pantheon. They offer hope as currency and often trade it for such. They picture a Theria as a great hub of a missionary empire that would rival the ancient Labiet Strof. Primary classes – Clerics & Paladins.

The gods with temples in Theria include:

Bahamut – God of Justice, Protection and Nobility – Strong number of followers amongst the Militia, Bahamut is looked on with some suspicion by the populous as a whole as they believe the clerics of his temple seek to create a kingdom.
Coreleon – God of Art and Magic
Erathes – Goddess of Civilization – A favorite amongst Therians.
Ioun – Goddess of Knowledge, Sages, and Prophecy – Many consult these temples for insight to the future.
Kord – God of Storm and Battle
Melora – Goddess of the Wilderness and Sea, her temple is mostly filled by merchants looking to appease her before going on a sea journey.
Pelor – God of the Sun and Time
The Raven Queen – Goddess of Death – Not so much worshiped on a large scale as appeased. This temple deals with the dead and looks over the burial of rich and poor alike.

Other good gods with influence in the area but no public temples:

Avendra – Goddess of adventure, change, and trade. She has a small shrine in Erathes’ temple but her followers are usually out and about rather than building temples.
Sehanine – Goddess of Autumn, Trickery, Illusion – No temple has been built to her, but the “The Golden Leaf” tavern is ran by her followers and sports a small shrine.

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