As The Guild expanded their interests into other dimensions, they desired a strong bodyguard to protect themselves from dangerous elements. They also wanted to keep any potential profits in-house and not in the hands of their rivals in the militia. The solution was to create a martial class with a strong arcane influence. Hence the Swordmages of Theria are primarily guardians of The Guild’s interests both here in Theria and abroad.

There are three Swordmage dojos that are somewhat competitive with themselves despite their patronage with the The Guild. Each of the dojos emphasizes one of the different Swordmage Aegis that are available. The Furies (Assault), The Thorn (Ensnarement), The Arcane Knights (Shielding), keep a friendly rivalry between themselves in order to give their students an edge. While duels between swaggering rakes from any dojo are common they are very rarely to the death.

A more serious rivalry exists between the swordmages and the militia. The two groups see each other as either power-mad lunatics or stick-in-the-mud dinosaurs respectively. Combat between them are much rarer and hushed but tend to be a bit more deadly.

The racial breakdown of the Swordmage class is about fifty percent human with gensai and eladrin making up equal portions of the other half. About five percent of Swordmages are from races other than those three. The Dojos all have representatives of each race but gensai tend to prefer the Assault while the Eladrin stick with the Thorn.

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