A short ratlike humanoid race. They are somewhat more intelligent than goblins but less organized than kobolds. Their battle tatics tend to be swarm-and-cut fashion. When a squeaker dies it cries out its pain. Other squeakers in the area respond with renewed vigor, and the battle can sometimes shift radically. They are quite curious in nature and find locked doors and passageways as insults to their race. They tend to live in the sewers and shadows of the cities of larger races.

(( Notable Squeaker Feature: Death Squeal – Immediate Reaction: whenever a squeaker dies, any other squeaker within 10 squares may shift 1 square. ))

Varieties of Squeakers seen so far:

Squeaker Diggers – These hairless squeakers can burrow fast as anybody. They have a tendency to dig beneath their opponent, latch onto their ankle, and then drag the victim somewhere unpleasant.

Squeaker Ratcaller – These are never found without a handful of minion dire rats. The ratcaller is well practiced in the care and handling with their minions and can get them to attack faster and to dodge attacks.

Squeaker Skirmishers – These little ratlings work in pairs and can be very deadly if they manage to get combat advantage. However their effectiveness drops quickly once bloodied.

Squeaker Zapsters – Elder shamans of the tribe, they have the ability to call upon thunder and lightning. When threatened they try to throw down a flash-boom bag that allows them to escape.

Squeakzilla- A squeaker bred for size, this ogre sized humanoid rat can react pretty fast to distance attacks. It has little care for damage to itself and its powerful blows can send combatants flying.

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