There is not much slavery in Theria simply because it’s not an economic necessity. Theria’s economy is based on trade, mining, minimal foresting, ship building, spices from the swamps to the east. It exports a culture of entrepeneual optomism and a slightly too-vigerous sense of pride. Slavery is there simply because people from all around Shantryl settle in the city, bringing with them their own cultures and belongings. Of the city’s population probably less than 1% are slaves and of those half are simply in transit.

The legalization of slavery in Theria is an thorny issue. For most citizens it’s just an accepted norm: there are people who are slaves due to either debt, criminals, or being a conqured people. There is no racial stereotype to slaves (i.e. all of x race are only good for slaves) as slavery is seen more as a condition of bad luck than fate. The average citizen will look down on anybody who abuses their slaves much like anybody would look down on people misuse or mistreat their horses. Of course the average citizen wouldn’t really expect slaves to be treated more than just tools.

Visitors from all across Shantryl visit Theria and bring their own opinions on slavery with them. Some abuse their slaves as a matter of course while others see it as abomination. The law sides with anybody who has proof of purchase and only interferes if gross inhumane actions are pubically witnessed. There is a growing movement among the Theist to denounce slavery. This is opposed, not for ethical reasons but economic ones, by both the Militia and the Guild because many of Theria’s trading partners are slave dependent. Why agravate the customers? At the moment a compromise is in works to simply prevent the sale of slaves within the city grounds.

There is a radical group known as The Shattered Cage which seeks to free slaves. Made up of a variety of people, the organizations exact size is unknown. They are wanted by the Militia for theft and burgarly of several slaves, but the guardsmen have not been actively pursing their capture.

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