Shadar Kai

Even if you’re fresh to the city you would eventually discover that the Shadar-Kai are a very small minority indeed. The majority of Theria’s populace thinks Shadar-Kai as pale and somewhat freaky humans. It is assumed that they just belong to some sort of depraved cult. The greater sum of those Shadar-Kai who are here in the city have come through trade portals set up by The Guild. These portals handle inter-planar commerce with the Shadowfell. The wizards attempt to strictly control who gets through the gates but accidents happen and some “uncontrolled elements” are free within the city.

Shadar-Kai that fall under “controlled-elements” are an organized clique of traders who work hand-in-hand with The Guild to purchase goods for and bring goods through from the Shadowfell. So far the amount of trade has been huge and mostly an export of needed supplies into that dark dimension. This clique, who calls themselves “The Copper Talons” (no coin left behind), is as jealous of their trade route as The Guild is. Both they and the wizards keep a paranoid eye out for anybody trying to undercut their monopoly.

Yet the Copper Talons are somewhat forgiving of Shadar-Kai who are simply out in Shantryl to find their own glory and “reasons to crow”. They maintain an embassy-slash-tavern that serves as a home base for any of the non affiliated members of their race. The Tarnished Claw has a rather large clientele of secretive non Shadar-Kai since it does cater to tastes that would be considered deviant to other races. This suits the Copper Talons just fine as it allows further cover and, above all, profit.

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Shadar Kai

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