Mostly human, but with a great deal of other races making this the most diverse of all the factions. The Militia offers a stable society that promises protection and, if the goals of its leaders are allowed, expansion. Its popularity in Theria is high but slightly tainted by the number of warforged and half-orcs that fill its ranks. Other races that may not be trusted elsewhere often fine a home in the Militia. Primary Classes – Fighters, Rangers, Warlords.

The Militia is probably the oldest of the factions. As the officers retire they are often granted property in the surrounding countryside or in Theria proper. They have also taken on titles such as Earl and Lord despite Theria having no true noble lines. The Militia is working slowly to change this and they have pushed for a recognition of the assumed position of ex-Militia officers. With the militia being a source of stability, the people tend to not mind having to add an honorific or two to show respect.

Notable NPCs:

Duke Carsk Atton-Mog: The previous general of the Militia. A very popular man he has retired out to the north of the city to grow wine. He has a loyal following of old-guard militia men who still visit him reguarlly.

General Thosk Atton-Mog: Son of the Duke, Thosk is a great warrior and an expert tactician. He’s just not a very good people person. His methods tend to be harsh and strict and while there has been a crackdown on corruption in the militia, morale has dropped amongst the old-guard and new recruits alike. Any complaints that may reach the Duke though are oftened ignored for in Carsk’s eyes his son can do no wrong.

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