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Bards – Entertaining information gatherers

SwordMages – Defenders of The Guild


Black Assembly – A Democratic and Progressive Organization for Evil Dieties

Cabal of the Rose – Mysterious and Possibly Demonic Group of Warlocks

Dispossessed – Psychics from Another Dimension

Guardians of the Rune – The Dwarven Traditionalist

Hidden Organizations – Still Hidden!

Militia – The Guardians of Tradition and Law

Nine Stars – Upstart Sorcerers or Crazy Pranksters

Silver Moons – Everybody’s Whipping Boy: The Thief’s Guild

The Guild – A Consortium of Wizards

Theist – The High and Mighty Clerics of Goodness

Tribes – The Barbarians at the Gate


Ancient History – Year 0 to CA 252

Distant History – CA 252 to CA 445

Recent History – CA 445 to CA 470 (current year)

Monsters of Theria Region

Squeakers – Rat like creatures.

NPCS of Note

Tam Pard Family

Liara and Blake Flinn

T’Chin of T’Chin’s Figurines and Curios

Kohp the Junk Dealer

Captain Dudelic

Lilly the Cut-tounge

Yaurel and Yardy


Demographics – How many of each?

Gnomes – Clan orientated

Half-Elves – Of two worlds

Shadar Kai – Mysterious “Freaky Humans”

Social Life

Arena – In the name of Kord

Holidays – Fun and Games

Law and Punishment – Three tiers and lots of lawyers

Slavery – Trouble on the Horizon

Unaligned Movers and Shakers

Leaping Tiger Guards

Main Page

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