The Sinking: Celebrates the defeat of the dark wizard and the sinking of his castle into the bay. This is done on the new year though nobody really knows on what day it actually happened. A symbolic parade, replete with actors depicting the adventurers and the wizard, winds around the city ending with a spectacular display of the “fight”. Each year the parade is sponsored by a different one of the city’s factions and each attempts to out-do previous years.

Race Day: This spring festival has, you guessed it, numerous races throughout the city. It has become somewhat chaotic of late as everybody and their brother sponsors a different type of race. There’s no little amount of chaos when these mixed matched races happen to intersect. The most popular one is the “Therian Trifectsa” which includes a swim, a grueling run, and ends with a horse race around the city. Many of the Tribes come into the city around this time to compete and show-up the city dwellers.

Midsummer Games: Trading tends to slow in the middle of summer as farms are in mid production and heat slows down business. The Midsummer Games are a series of arena and strength competitions. The faction that wins the most games gets the coveted (though purely symbolic) Therian Cup.

Days of Defiance: Held in late autumn a week before the start of winter, it is a period of excess and debauchery. Parades and parties of all sorts are held before the start of winter necessitates having to fast for a season. Many visitors from far off places come during this week to enjoy the city’s more exotic offerings

The Theria Salon: At the start of the summer, artists from Theria and all around Shantryl bring their paintings, sculptures, and other such pieces to Theria. A grand salon is held which last for a month and the work is put on display. Ran by The Guild, magic is as much part of the show as regular art. Awards are given for best works and careers have been made and broken in the month of the Salon.

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