Half Elves in Theria have a high level of acceptance compared to many other cities of Shantryl. Indeed, for the most part it’s a “non-issue” for people as the naturally diplomatic tendencies of the race usually smooth over any prejudice. For the most part half elves born in Theria proper have human mothers.

The same can’t be said for the relations of half elves with the nearest elf tribe, the Gray Ravens. This tribe has its share of half-elf children but they are considered a shame upon the family of their mother (rarely do fathers bring their half-elf children back to the tribe). When the child is deemed of age, he or she is given a choice: cast off all their humanity in a series of rituals that makes them “pure elf” (though physically still half-elf) or exile to the nearest human settlement. If they chose exile, and because of the low but constant prejudice against them most do, they are taken to the city and left to find for themselves.

Those half-elves who return are indoctrinated and thereafter treated as full members of the tribe. Anybody foolish enough to point out an indoctrinated half elf’s blood as impure can expect a duel to the death to follow. The indoctrinated half-elves see themselves as elf in all ways and tend to be a little less diplomatic than their other brethren. (( In game terms, a PC who is an indoctrinated half-elf can exchange his bonus-to-diplomacy for any one elven feature)).

Half-elves who chose to be raised human receive cordial but cool reception whenever they return to the Tribe. They are treated as outsiders though may have a little bit of an “in” compared to any other race. There have been tales of Half-Elves who returned to the tribe and earned their place back in it even after choosing to be raised human. They must perform some serious deeds and follow the ritual of indoctrination but afterward are considered “Of Two Worlds” fully.

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