Gnomes in Theria – Newcomer or not to the city, you would swiftly realize that the gnomes are very clan orientated and the clans organize themselves based on political factions. Of the ten clans to be found in Theria, three back The Guild, one backs the thieves guild (though they call themselves furniture dealers) and one is primarily entertainment and fireworks. The other five clans are “minor” houses that focus more on trade craft and and merchant style life.

Each clan is composed of several families with one or two of them predominant. Surnames are usually taken with some aspect of the clan name attached. For example, the three clans that involved with the Guild are known as Tinkers, Sparklers, and the Whisps. A gnome from one of these families would have a name such as Flynn ChoTinker or Harrigan MacTinker etc..

The thief guild gnomes are the Shades (they insist it involves lamps) and the entertainment clan is known as Sparkler. The five lesser clans are the Greens (bank merchants), the Fey (horticulturist and odd beasts), the Underhill (mortuary and cemetery work..a morbid clan), the Sparkles (gem merchants) and the Underfoot (vermin elimination and sewer work) .

For the most part the gnomes prefer to let the tall folk fight the serious battles and take great delight in manipulating them to do so. Clan vs clan difficulties are usually handled by a serious of pranks that escalate till all the other clans call a winner. The clans rarely unite unless it’s against an outside party targeting gnomes or to stop clan vs clan pranks from escalating to outright warfare.

Gnomes get along well with any race able to put up with them so there’s always some tension with interracial interaction. The closest racial “ally” gnomes have would be halflings but even gnomes distrust those shifty nomads. The second (and some would say the more dependable) ally is surprisingly the Eladrin who put up with the gnomes shenanigans because the “high elves” appreciate the gnomes for their natural magical aptitude. The dour dwarves do not see eye to eye with Therian gnomes as there’s simply too much competition between them.

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