Distant History

CA 252 to CA 445

Theria grew over time. First it was just a squalled collection of hovels populated by the now “freed” survivors of the dark wizard’s servants. Then, as the convenience of its new boiling port was recognized by more and more peoples, the population of Theria became one of merchants and explorers. It became a bastion of civilization in a world of darkness. Trade routes shifted and Theria became the midpoint and, indeed the terminus for many of those routes.

More expansion occurred when the wild tribes of the area returned, driving out many of the worse humanoid threats. These helped secure the overland routes and more profit found its way into the city’s coffers. Of course there was always friction between the wild tribes and the city proper, and a few bloody skirmishes occurred. Now a strong wall keeps the peace between the wilderness and Theria.

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Distant History

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