Recently arrived within the last five years, these people fled persecution from some distant plane. Brought here by “The Guild” in a rare act of altruism, the dispossessed are still yet distrusted by a majority of Theria. This is mostly because the people are strange and the powers they show even stranger. The human looking Kalashtar are the majority, but regular humans, githzerai, and shardminds make up the remainder. Primary Classes – Any psionic.

The most recent faction of Theria has proven itselfs to be both savvy and insular. The Dispossessed are feared for their mysterious powers even as they are courted for their wealth. Because of this fear, the psionic practitioners tend to keep their abilities hidden or passed off as arcane. There is some direct suggestion that the Theist aim to keep the Dispossessed isolated less their “godless” powers spread.

The arrival of these people was due to the direct intervention of The Guild. In pursuit of knowledge (and wealth) the arcanists explore far off planes and even alternate worlds. One of their teams came across a world near bereft of life. The last bastions of a battered world fought against a life destroying plague of far realm invaders. Unable to leave these people to their fate, the team leader opened a gateway home and had as many of the refugees get through as possible. Before even half had escaped, the gateway had to be collapsed less the invading forces breeched this world.

A statue to the team who rescued them as well as the world which was lost is the centerpiece of the Dispossesed’s village just outside the walls of Theria. While at first the city was unsure what to do with them, the leader of the refugees convinced the other factions the psiconicist had a desire to become part of this new world and defend it from any threat. They also happened to possess a great deal of astral diamonds, some of which passed into the hands of various nay-sayers to change their vote.

Realizing that they would be considered outsiders until they could properly acclimate to Shantryl, the dispossessed moved outside the city proper and set up a tent village outside the gates. They made a deal with the elves of the Gray Ravens to “rent” the land proper in exchange for both wealth and to teach their people the way of psionics. Since then the Dispossessed have built a more solid village and have become marginally more accepted by Theria proper.

Despite their stated desire to become acclimated with the new world, they have maintained their own customs and ways of life. Marriages outside the faction are rare in the last five years but a few more happen each season. The biggest difference of the Dispossessed is their disbelief in any god but a belief in a “state of oneness” that all minds can obtain. Their morality is more philosophically based than the Theist would prefer. ((More Buddhist like than not.))

The current leader of the Dispossessed is a githzari monk known as “The Seer”. It was his monastery that fought the hardest and gathered the refugees that were rescued. His leadership is one that has been earned by respect of his wisdom and his martial powers. The Seer is ancient beyond the memory of even the oldest of his fellow monks but still seems spry and ornery. Rumor has it, however, that he has been searching for a potential replacement for when he becomes “One”.

The Dispossessed no longer need to spend from their rumored horde of astral diamonds. Now self-sufficient, they produce unique (to Shantryl) art that emphasizes crystals and mental effects. The villagers have been more than willing to take up some of the least desired jobs of the city but still return to outside the walls at night. The pscionicist keep a steady vigil on the outside world and are exploring their new home diligently. They bring back the wealth of their travels and keep an eye out for any sign of the “plague” that chased them from their last world.

It should be noted that any display of psionic powers or mind reading spreads distrust against the individual in Theria proper. There have been whispers and grumblings that “the factions should do something” about perceived unfair advantage mind readers possess. Suggestions from “keep them marked so they can’t hide” to “kick them off the lands” to “purge them all” can be heard depending on the level of distrust. That there have been reports of more children being born with wild talents over the last five years does not alleviate the fears of the average Joe.

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