Black Assembly

Primarily human but filled with many other races. These followers of the dark gods of the pantheons seek to counter any “good” society. They want Theria to turn into a cesspit of corruption that spreads its contagion across the globe. However, on the surface they present themselves as an organized group of “loyal and concerned” citizens who seek to promote “freedom” of choice. Primary Classes – Invokers & Avengers.

There are several evil dieties that have an actual physical presence in Thereia in the form of Temples. These dieties emphasize a less controversial aspect of their portfolio, saving the truely evil teachings for the faithfull.

Asmodeus – God of Law and Lawyers
Bane – God of War and Strategy
Tiamat – Goddess of Wealth
Vecna – God of Archeology and History

The following dieties have cults that remain frowned upon and hidden from the populus at large. They may have a hidden temple within the city.

Gruumush – God of Destruction – Has a small following among gladiators, but is mostly worshiped outside the city gates.
Loth – Goddess of lies and shadows – A bit more universally worshiped than just the dark elves.
Torog – God of the Underdark and Torture – worshiped by a number of sewer dwellers as well as a few guards.

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Black Assembly

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