Bards in Theria – It would not take long to find out that the bards of the city keep close tabs on the pulse of Theria. They are not exactly organized but they do talk to each other and they do keep an eye out for each other and the city as a whole. The bards also act as protectors of other ‘less skilled but nevertheless cherished’ entertainers and even the Silver Moons have left off trying to strong arm street performers.

Speaking of street performers; bards also act as the protectors of the bordellos and street walkers of the city. A traditionally crime controlled profession; prostitution has somewhat of a better reputation in Theria than elsewhere in Shantryl. This is mostly due to the bards keeping out any who would attempt to dictate the various madams and their ‘lost doves’.

Is there a bard “faction” as some have supposed? Not really, but the bards do usually meet with each other and share the information they’ve discovered. There is a brotherhood/sisterhood amongst the bards that is above and beyond the norm. Other factions approach bards to find out what’s happening in the streets or with other factions and for the most part they remain neutral. However being in charge of that much information and knowing who’s doing the asking…the potential is there for the bards to be very influential indeed.

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