The Dance of Theria

The Squeakers

The boy’s name is Tam (Jr) and it seems his family’s farm has been having some problems the last few days. First the stream that fed their well has gone dry. Them somebody killed all their cats. This morning, Tam (Sr) decided to find out the cause so he put on his old militia armor and headed upstream of the creek. He had not been seen since.

A rather eclectic band of folks decide to help the young lad: Asteron – A minotaur runepriest. Corum – A pale swordmage with dangerous eyes. He looks human..mosly… but is truly shadar-kai. Prim – A gnome bard with an eye to the dramatic. Shade – A human rogue more at home in the shadows than the limelight.

When this group reached the boy’s farm they found the barn ablaze and creatures trying to break into the farm house. After a quick battle involving a mad cow and a whole bunch of dire rats, they discover these creatures to be small humanoid rat like fellahs. Resolved to assist the family, they head upstream to try to find Tam Sr..

After another tussle with the squeakers, they discover where the stream had been damned off and the water used to help open up a cave complex. A couple more battles with the squeakers occur as the party explored deeper into what appears to be the foyer of an ancient tomb. They find Tam Sr. bound and gagged, ready for sacrifice, before a large locked door. One huge squeaker attempts to pound them into dust but the party prevails.

They free Tam Sr. and collect a small reward and the promise that if they needed any favor from the militia, Tam Sr would see what he could do to help them. The locked door appears to be be warded from opening by an old ritual. From what they can discern it needs a certain type of material or item to actually open it. The party resolves to do some research in order to find out how to unlock that door. They have a mutual interest of greed to keep them together for now.


This is the first game session where I managed to send a player home early! Kevin got pretty nauseas toward the end and just had to go. Hope you’re feeling better guy!

Pretty good party: when they get some experience with each other and start feeding each other’s abilities things are going to get tough.

So they (and I) don’t forget: When I next pick up this group they’ll have two things to do in the city: research on the ritual that locked the door and finding somebody to buy that suit of antique dwarven armor.

Start-up One Shot

There is an odd tradition in Theria of closing the gates of the city for an hour after dusk and an hour before dawn. For a city dependent on a continuous flow of trade it creates a somewhat inconvenient period of blocked passage (or constipation as some grumbling merchants describe it). Nobody can remember why exactly the gates are closed at this time but the two most popular theories are that; a) the militia feels that we have gates, by the gods we’re going to get some use of them; b) the militia uses this time to have tea and biscuits.

In truth the tradition helps line the coffers of the Militia by allowing them to charge a “convenience” fee to those merchants to slow or to desperate to wait outside for an hour. Anybody who wants to get in (and there’s surprisingly a large number who do) at these times, a gold per person seems to be acceptable gateway robbery. These coins go directly into the Militia’s widow and orphan’s fund.

It also helps the taverns just outside the gates that just happen to be owned by ex-militia confederates. When the gates closed, these taverns tend to fill with impatient travelers unwilling to spend that gold piece. Of course some end up drinking much more than a gold coin’s worth by the time they remember to be back on the road.

On this fine day in the midsummer of the year 470, whatever your background, your character has managed to find himself on the outside of the far south gates after dusk. The guards are being particularly ornery and are unwilling to let you talk your way through. A nearby inn, The Poor Merchant, offers a happy hour of “one pitcher o’ Theria’s finest pale 1 silver”. The smell of decent cooking helps tempt anybody who’s not had much to eat.

Inside the tavern (yes by god I’m strongarming y’all) it is rather empty. A few merchants occupy one table with a pitcher between them and a group of rowdy adventurers occupies another. Neither pays much attention to new comers though the traditionally buxom waitress does give you each an “I hope they’re good tippers” smile. The pale ale is cold and refreshing and the sausage-and-onion plate hearty and hot.

Not ten minutes after the last of y’all have entered, the door to the tavern is burst open. A young human, his black hair askew and eyes wide has to take a moment to catch his breath. “Cor,” he pants, “there’s trouble! I need a band o’ well trained and noble heroes to help make things right!”

The table of adventurers, who appear well equipped if anything, turn six pairs of assessing eyes toward the boy. Though he responds with a hopeful expression, they take in his well-patched attire and you can almost hear the mental cash registers come up “no-sale”. A couple of them murmur “Well, we’re not exactly well trained” and “We’re more a well meaning association of acquaintances really.” They then carefully turn back to their conversation.

“Well passin’ that, is there a group o’ untested strangers willin’ to give a moment to rescue a family in need?” He glances around, trying to catch your eyes with his own pleading gaze. “It could be the beginning o’ a classic tale o’ mismatched fates becomin’ somethin’ more than the sum o’ their parts?” He pauses and then adds “There could be somethin’ in the way o’ a small reward for the efforts also?”

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