The Dance of Theria

The Ball Starts Rolling...

The evening started with the party haggling with an armor merchant over the sale of the dwarven chainmail. After some back-and-forth and Caisen figuring out that the merchant was waaay too excited to get the armor they settled on the price of 300 gold for the antique set. Not a bad price for somethng that usually costs 20gp. (Unfortunately the armor was the equivelant of finechain mastercraft armor: not magical but could have been enchanted in the future for better effect).

From there they went to T’Chin’s Figurines and Curios down by the docks. T’Chin translated the glyph’s ancient magics and let the party know that they needed “Moonmetal” or “Electrum” to pass the gate. He gave them the name of a collector of odd things named Kohp the Junk Collector. Prim (the bard) walked away with this info and a mustache-growing charm. (Red, fu-manchu, lasts for one day).

Outside T’Chin’s a crowd was gathering. It seems some fisherman had pulled up an artifact from the boiling bay in his nets. It was a huge ebony throne with two spheres orbiting the head of it. The captain of the boat, one Capt Dudelic was looking for people to escort him to his brother’s warehouse. The party readily agreed (though at this time they were split up…Prim inside T’Chin’s and the rest watching the crowd. Nobody haggled a price!) and promised to get a wagon. Prim was tasked with this while the other three kept the guards away.

A wagon and driver, Stem the Flowerculterist, were aquired and the throne loaded onto it. This throne is abnormally heavy, causing the wagon’s springs to completley contract. Just before the party was about to leave the docks, a group of magi from the floating isles in the boiling bay started to approach. An even greater distraction occured when the crowd heard and saw an explosion across the bay: another fishing boat was on fire and heading to the far side’s docks. The magi took off toward the flaming boat and the crowds attention followed them. When the party stopped looking that way they found that one of the orbiting spheres had dissapeared. Dun dun dunnnn.

They quickly noted the culprit: a young girl was scampering through the crowd looking furtively at them. They gave chase at once. The girl ducked into an ally and when Caisen attempted to follow, he was tangled up by a pair of kids fighting each other and got knocked prone. Katia acrobaticed herself through the crowd and over the prone ardent. She managed to punch the girl and noted that it was a very young half-orc. The girl responded with a dagger-thrust and shift away, then proceeded to run further down the ally. Long story short, Shade and Katia managed to corner the girl on a rooftop and got the sphere back. Meanwhile Caisen had knocked out one of the kids while the other ran for it.

Turns out this group of street urchins was lead by the half-orc girl Lilly the Cuttounge. Through intimidation they got the story out of them: they were drawn to the crowds to pick pockets. Lilly always has an escape plan set up incase things go wrong. The boy does mention that Lilly is the daughter of Mad Eye, leader of the “non-existant” “thieves guild” but he may have been making that up to save his hide. Shade interogates Lily who bregrudgingly admits to the pickpocket plan. Shade tells her to leave his fellow companions alone and to bring him any information she can as it’ll be worth her time. He offered her a silver which she ignored and leaves, shooting the party dirty looks.

The throne is delivered, with both spheres, to the warehouse and the captain is convinced to pay everybody (including Stem who was most grateful) 5gp each.

From there the party traveled to Kophs, arriving just a little before dusk (of course!). The front of the house was guarded by two mercenaries-for-hire from the “Roaring Tiger” group, also known as “Paper Tigers” for the fact that they are at best 3rd class fighters. These two, Yaurel and Yardy, prooved effectively obstinate in preventing the party from entering the front door. They did agree to write a letter of introduction to their captain to see if he would let them in the backside. The party went around back to find out if they could do so.

Then things got interesting. The captain met them in the allyway behind Kohp’s house (The Junk Collector seems to be rather wealthy despite his moniker) and starts flashing them thief sign that means “guild buisness, bugger off”. Shade responds by pulling his crossbow and shooting the man. Eeeeverybody is shocked, mostly the captain and battle begins. Shade manages to drop the captain to the point where he was feeling death’s firm grasp on his marbles. The captain runs into the house while from it a group of thugs pour out. To make matters worse for the party the rooftops of the houses nearby has three snipers laying down deadly shots into them. Things get hairy.

Katia manages to get to the rooftops and between her and Prim’s insults take down one of the snipers. The party deals with the thugs quickly and Caisen runs into the house only to receive the rather sharp end of the captain’s sword who was waiting just for pursuit. To make matters even worse the rest of the thugs, who were being lead in this breaking-and-entering by a pair of warlock halflings. The only thing going in the party’s favor at this point is that Yaurel and Yardy were keeping the front door closed as they were very obediently following the rule “Nobody through here!”

It was a close fight (at least from my perspective) as Caisen went down once and everybody but Prim was bloodied at least once. In the end, the party succeeded with only two snipers (who were on rooftops across the street) getting away. They found Kohp bound and gagged within his house and most grateful to being saved and his items rescued. He provided them with reward (50gp each) and an old magic beaker made of electrum. The Militia was called and everything neatly wrapped up enough.

The party took a well deserved rest for the night.

The next day they headed out to the squeakling den and the larged glyphed door. The had a brief tussle with a number of squeaklings who were cleaning up their fallen companions. Opening the huge vault-like door revealed what seemed to be a temple of some sort. All the rooms were empty, and had a theme of sorrow and chains. As they travled deeper they came across a chapel filled with old decayed corpses and a huge “viewing wall” which displayed what apepars to be a scene of sacrafice. The party peeked through the viewing screen (it was made of fog) and discovered a huge room tiered in levels. Each level seemed to represent one of the elements the deeper it went into the pit and at the very bottom was an altar with corpse and several items.

One of these was a scepter that once, apparently, had an orb attached to it. The shattered remains of the orb beside it made the players realize that this was similiar to the orbs that were floating around the throne! How coincidental and odd that seems to be. Also beside the corpse was a scroll which detected as magical and once unfurled and read stated in common:

If you’re reading this then you’ve realized that I decided not to follow through with the master’s plan: just not enough profit for me to be interested. I hope you survived… hah! Forget that; I hope the aftershocks killed you all you bastards. Just know that I hated each of you from the start and the master is mad. Just in case one of y’all is reading this you should also know I memorized explosive runes and you’ll never get out of here alive. – Essla -

The good news is the runes did not explode. The bad news is that other traps must have been set off. The room was filled with elementals, one of each type, and the fight was on. The party got knocked about a little bit and to make matters more tense, a stream of water began to pour down the flanks of the pit. The group forgoes a rest and heads “upstream” into the chapel. Here they discover that the chapel’s corpses have not quite given up their spirits: ghostly images of the worshipers rise and begin to attack. These insubstantial combatants were tricky but in the end are dissipated quite handidly by the party. There they then take a short rest and there we called it for the evening.



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