The Dance of Theria

Into the Ancient Temple

Realizing they had left behind the shards of the broken sphere, Shade dives into the growing flood and recovers them. They make their way from the haunted shrine up the hall of chains and into the room of tears. There the party faces a rotting ooze which attempts to engulf Shade but to no avail. It does spew out a lot of filth and at least one magical suit of armor. What’s worse is that they find the front door has closed, sealing them inside.

The masks they had passed by before are now open and water is pouring out from chutes behind them. Everybody climbs through them in hopes of finding an exit. They discover a large, corpse-filled reservoir which contains evidence of ancient magics. They are quickly beset by water logged zombies that just keep on coming. They eventually figure out how to shut the vault door to stop the flow of water, and have to run out of the room before it does. This was a closer call than it seems as at first the party had thought to remain inside the room as the door shut… a plan of action that would have left them trapped forever or until the water filled the room once more.

The party had a chance to return to their homes and rest. (made 2nd level, yay). Muldrek does mention that they have a mysterious black tower to explore sometime soon.

With some time to research the odd rod and shards discovered, Prim is able to confirm that the ball seems to be similar to the ones they found floating over the throne. The group decides to check it out and head to the warehouse they had taken the throne. There they find out that Captain Dudelic has sold the throne already to some “high level muckity muck” from The Guild. They have two days before the throne is recovered.

Prim works his magic on Captain Dudelic’s brother and in exchange for 5% and 50 gold is allowed to borrow one of the floating spheres for a day and a half. Once attached to the rod the ball seems to point to other similar spheres in the city’s limits. The group starts trying to track them down.

The first location seems to be in the cemetery watched over by the Temple of the Raven Queen. Katia raises objections of breaking into the mausoleum that the sphere points to as it’d be desecrating the dead. The party agrees…convincing themselves to come back later wither with the priests’ permission or with the cover of darkness.

The second location is into a large retail furniture store ran by gnomes. Judging by the “MacShade’s Furniture Emporium” sign, both Shade and Prim realize that these gnomes are rumored to have dealing with thieves and the rumored “thieves guild”. The party does a search and the track leads into an employee-only section of the warehouse…to further complicate things, this close to the missing sphere it seems that it is moving! Obviously somebody has a hold of it.

The party leaves…but not before Muldrek is sold a very nice bedroom suite for 70 gold pieces. This includes not only a bed, several fancy wardrobes and delivery and installment. The half-orc gives the gnomes his room in the gladiator barracks, happy to have so fine a possession.

They cross the harbor on a ferry and discover the third location to be down the well inside the abandoned “Smashed Pumpkin Brewery”. A confrontation with an old man, perhaps the watchman on site, goes badly and the fellah runs off screaming for guards. The party decides to climb down the well in pursuit of the path to get the sphere.

They discover the well is dry and below water level seems to be the remains of an old ruined temple. The well itself is semi-blocked by a black force field that they figure to be some sort of ancient magical prison. They confirm the sphere they want is inside but hear distant shouts of guards up top and decide to explore deeper into the temple. They fight ghostly swarms of hands, a pair of giant brutish lungs and a pair of zombified high priests before coming onto a room that looks like a giant shrine.

Here they discover four sacrificial bowls, inside of these they determine was once burnt lungs, heart, brain and hands. There is also a huge sarcophagus. They decide to remove the lid of the sarcophagus and that is where the night ended as they gave a heave and a ho.



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